The Steamie…
The Steamie…
Loved going to Steamie with my Ma Sat morning her getting
2 turns 9.30-10.30 then 10.30-11.30!
Somehow the kinda dish towels with
green or red writing through it Glasgow Corporation
think it said ended up in her washing.
Big Silver Cross pram that was also used
for the youngest wean ....
bumping it up & down 3 flights of stairs
was hard…good old days.

Mary McCulloch

I was born and bred in 40 Fauldhouse Street right opposite the Steamie and on a Friday my Ma would give me money to go and have a hot bath, I would pay at the window downstairs, get my towel and carbolic soap. Up the stairs I would go and sit on a bench 'till there was a bath available, you would go into your "room" while the attendant with a turn key would fill your bath up from the outside, when you went in to your bath the attendant would ask you (only once) do you want more hot or cold water.

Then when your bath time was over he would knock on your door and you would get up and stand on a wooden duckboard and dry yourself with the (flimsy) towel that you had hired. When you came out of the Steamie after your bath you felt so good. Next to the Steamie you had a post natal clinic for young mothers and opposite that you had St. Bonaventures (big Bonnies) Junior secondary school. In the cold winter nights us boys and girls would stand with our hands behind us pressing on the "hot wall" which was the outside wall of the furnace that heated and gave power to the Washouse or "Steamie" as we called it and this wall was in Wolseley Street. My Ma used to go to the Steamie on a Monday to do her weekly wash (as washing machines were a thing of the future) come back up the stairs of our close and put a lot of the clothes on a pulley hanging from the ceiling to be aired. Also inside the Steamie where the furnace was (Fauldhouse Street) you had a great big roller shutter door which opened to allow trucks or lorrys to reverse in and dump tons of "ashes" that would be put into the furnace to heat all the water etc up. I was sent over to get a shovel full of these "ashes" for a litter tray for our house cat "Dandy". (My Ma had previously asked for permission to get the cats ashes)

Yes the Steamie held fond memories for me or as it was called the "Oatlands Washouse".

Danny Gill