The Richy…

The Ducksy (circa 1944)

photo by James Currie

I remember Richy park well, walking along Rutherglan Road we see the "Sonny Pon" through the railings then onto and past the "Devils tree" where it was custom to spit on it as you walked by otherwise you "would get bad luck".

I played in the "Sonny Pon" when I was a wean , way back in the early 1950's . I think and I could be wrong but I'm sure at one time it could be filled with water, there was a a drain/outlet and when the Parkeeper turned it on the Pon would slowly fill with water.

Danny Gill

Geting dirty having fun going with ma and da on a Sunday to the rose garden having a lovely stroll through the park feeding the ducks playing in the swing park watching punch and Judy shows in the summer holidays then as teenager get in flung in the Ducky's with the young Hutchie they were the days good clean fun x

May Sweeney Bishop

Heading over to the Ducksy with fishing net in hand ready to bring back a haul of Baggy-Minnows from the pond.

Wee quick run into the swing park for a drink from the metal water fountain that you patiently stood in a queue for your slurp…cleaning the fountain with your jumper sleeve first of course.

Colin Mackie

Took my wee cousin in his pram to the ducksie and some big boys grabbed the pram and threw it in the pond with him in it. Think it was some workmen that rescued him. My name was mud for at least a fortnight with the wee auntie.  Also remember when the ducksie froze over and skating on it with my new ice skating boots and my Dad coming to see me skate for the first time. Was magic! Remember all us cousins getting taken to the rockery to have our photo's taken. Loved the putting green and the swings. Have fond memories to of the parky wee Owen McNulty, he was a really nice man.

Our windows faced onto the gates of Richmond Park at the sonny pond and on the weekend we saw quite a few poor souls get a doin there off the polis as they were getting dragged to the station at Lawmoor St, wasn't a pretty sight that, but the rest of my memories of Richmond Park are great.

Sheila McCormack Knox

Glasgow Richmond is regarded as one of the premier clubs in Scotland, engaged in promoting model boating in all it's forms.

The club takes part in various charity & local council events throughout the year.

Meetings are held at the boathouse in Richmond Park, Glasgow,

on Wednesday & Sunday afternoons.


Swing Park circa 1930

Oatlands Waterfall (circa 1906)

Wee Bridge into the Richy

Rutherglen Road entrance

The Ducksy

May 2008